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It takes a lot of heart to go inside the Box. Once you’re in, you’re in. Let ORAL I.V. help you stay hydrated during these high-intensity workouts. As an athlete, you exert high demands not only on the body, but the mind as well. Hydration is key to supporting physical and mental performance. Whether it’s your Workout of the Day or full-out competition, make ORAL I.V. part of your hydration strategy and experience a game-changing approach to performance.

“There I was with a backpack full of t-shirts, but what I should have been giving out is some of our Oral I.V.’s. In sun like that the athletes as well as the fans cannot drink enough water to stay properly hydrated without overfilling their stomachs. Yet adding an Oral I.V. to their workout could have improved their energy throughout the grueling days. Most of these athletes probably have a pre-workout BCAA formula, and adding the Oral I.V. to it would have just increased their up-take of water.” –  Alex Flesuras,

"I’ve been hooked on CrossFit for over five years now. It is one of the toughest yet most rewarding sports in the world. I’m preparing to compete in the 2015 CrossFit Open right now, and my training regimen is absolutely grueling. I drink a ton of water to stay hydrated, and adding ORAL IV to my hydration routine has really maximized my work capacity. I also use ORAL IV between workouts because it helps me to recover very quickly, so I can accomplish more and work out longer than I’ve ever been able to before.”

Jon Pera, Crossfit Athlete


“I have been putting in a lot more time in gym getting ready for regionals in a few weeks and Oral IV has been an important part of both helping me stay hydrated and healthy but also recovering for my next workout”

Jen Zambruno, Crossfit Athlete, NorCal Crossfit



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